After you get tattooed, your artist will put on a second skin (breathable sticker), or they will wrap your tattoo area in cling film. Both methods are good, but one will be more suitable depending on the tattoo and placement.


Please always follow your artists' aftercare advice if they provide you with different instructions to the following.




 DAY 1


1) Remove the film after 3-5 hours. Do not reapply

2) Thoroughly wash the tattoo with clean fingertips, warm water and gentle soap. Make sure all the plasma is off.

3) Let it air dry for 10-20 mins. Do not use a towel to dry it off.

4) When going to bed, wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid the tattoo from sticking to the fabric as your tattoo may seep some plasma and ink.




• Keep your tattoo clean by repeating steps 2 & 3.

• Your tattoo may appear red and hot on this day. It's totally normal.

• Wear loose-fitting clothes.




• Swelling and redness should start going down.

• Crust will start forming.

• Start applying tattoo aftercare.

I recommend using Hustle Butter or pure cocoa butter.




Your artist will tell you how long to keep it on.


• You either keep it on for 24 hours and follow instructions from days 2 and 3.

• Or you keep it on for 3 days and skip the steps for those days.

• Remove the sticker under warm water and wash your tattoo with gentle soap.


When using second skin, it absorbs the plasma and prevents scabs from forming. However, it takes the same time to heal.


The second skin is waterproof, so you may shower with it as usual.


One thing to watch out for is heavy pouches of liquid forming.

If that happens, remove the second skin prematurely under warm water.


If second skin partially uncovers the tattoo, remove it prematurely to avoid bacteria from getting trapped underneath.




It takes 2-4 weeks for the scab to form and shed.


It takes 2-3 months for the tattoo to heal fully. The tattoo is completely healed when the scar tissue is not shiny anymore.


Within the first 4 weeks, you must:

• Keep your tattoo dry and clean.

• Moisturise daily. Keep applying ointment in a thin layer multiple times a day.

• Do not scratch or pick scabs. This will make the tattoo patchy.

• Avoid soaking the tattoo. No bathing or swimming

• Avoid direct sunlight. It might blister your tattoo and make the ink less vibrant. Also, do not use sunscreen lotion on a healing tattoo.

•Avoid heavy exercising as sweat may infect the tattoo, and stretching the skin will interfere with the healing process.


After the tattoo is healed, it's good practice to keep moisturising it and minimise direct sunlight. You may use sunscreen to protect it from UV rays.